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The Jenkintown High School Theater Arts Program is dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of the Jenkintown High School student body and providing a safe and creative environment where the artists can cultivate their craft within a supportive and caring community.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Reflection. . . .

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” -- 
John F. Kennedy

Dear Into the Woods Family,

I miss you!

It is a strange feeling not being with you all....focusing on something that we all care about so intensely.

I still marvel at the tenacity and courage you had to embrace all that is Sondheim and his "woods".

Do you remember how difficult Boot Camp was?  

How long one of our "Midnights" took to learn? How about how hard the ensemble worked to get the movement and syncopation together for our Ever After?  How about that guy/gal  learning a role in about two weeks time?

Or how we were constantly working on rhythms, meter complexities, key changes?  Not to mention lines, choreography, set moving, painting, costumes, fund-rasing, programs, ads, sound...tickets, cupcakes?

When we first began our journey, I was apprehensive about taking on a Sondheim musical.  I hope you all realize how advanced his music is and how spectacular you all were.

I now know that the theater students here at JM/HS can accomplish anything they set their minds (and hearts) to.

Bravo to you all! 

You are a very special group of young people.

Take a moment and be thankful for our journey that we shared together.

Our experience was magical and does not happen at too many other middle/high schools.  The bond that you created will last forever....you will always be part of this unique and gifted group of individuals who dared to go into the woods together...and to understand the beauty of theater, and what a community can accomplish as "one".

Happy Thanksgiving!



Saturday, November 19, 2016


Hello Cast,

Here is the link to the pictures Mikayla took of our journey "into the woods".

You all look so great!

Have a good weekend.



Tuesday, November 15, 2016



On November 19th, on KYW News Radio, senior Jillian Condran will be on "air" doing a news segment on the JHS Theater Department's performance "Into the Woods" and the "Cappies".  

Tune in at 12:24 p.m.

Congratulations Jillian!

Monday, November 14, 2016

INTO THE WOODS! More love. . . .

To the Cast and Crew of Into the Woods- 

It has taken me a couple of days to process what you have done. You have taken one of the hardest musicals and created something beautiful, making it look flawless. It is so clear that you have been working on this show for such a long time and it really payed off, I promise you. 

Each scene in the show was something special and incredible. Even after seeing the show multiple times, I still found myself laughing, and obviously crying, during multiple scenes. The acting in this show was spectacular. It was hard to believe that this was only a high school production, you were all truly unbelievable. 

You all did an amazing job!! The Cappies critics that came to see the show seemed to really like it too. I read some of the reviews on the blog and it seemed like they were very happy with what they saw. 

Congratulations!! You guys clearly blew people away with the show. 

I’m sure to most of you it’s strange why I do cry at the end of shows. It’s strange to me too, believe me. But you are all so amazing and welcoming to me, so thank you. Each and every one of you have made me feel like a part of this community in some way or another. I’m so lucky to be able to come to Jenkintown and see all of you, and have this escape from reality for a couple hours and get to know all of you better. 

I am proud to call all of you my friends. 

Congratulations (again), 
I hope to see you all soon!! 



Each November I am blown away by the musical performance that JHS puts together. I have a little inside understanding of the proceedings as I know how many hours Lys puts in. I don’t see much of her between the last week of August and the middle of November. I know exactly how hard you are working. I also understand that this work is on top of your school workload as well as sports requirements and a million other things that don’t go away just because you are involved in a musical. On top of that, this was “Into the Woods” which is an extremely difficult show.

Each year some excellent actors and singers graduate, and I wonder - how will the show go on the following fall? I shouldn’t wonder. The talent pool at your tiny school is nothing short of amazing. I know that Lys takes great care in picking shows that she feels will best match the talents of the kids involved, but I also know that she trusts each of you and your skill and dedication, and knows that you will rise to the occasion.

Due to puppy training issues (I’m sure you have heard about Nesbitt from Lys and Kaitlyn), I was only able to see one performance this year and it was the finale on Saturday night.

Avery, Charlie, Alicia, Emily – you have a level of excellence that is not often found in young performers. It has been an honor watching you blossom into the creative forces that you have become…and that is at age 18 or below. 


Each year there are cast members that I don’t know who make an immediate impression on me. This year Maria as Cinderella, Mia as the Wolf, and Danny as the Steward – you all owned the stage when you were on it. 

Likewise the banter between Cade and James’ princes was absolutely hilarious.

I don’t know all of you guys by name, but I do know that there was not a weak link. I don’t want anyone to feel left out. A show's strength is based on the talent of everyone involved both onstage and off. Your shows are a testament to that.

The other thing that becomes apparent each year is that there is talent in every grade. The younger performers will take the place of the graduating seniors starting next year and keep the level of next fall’s production at the high level that is now expected.

I have one last observation. 

The fact that so many former actors come back to support the productions is a testament to the passion and caring instilled in each of you. 

Thank you for being so wonderful!


Sunday, November 13, 2016


Missing everyone today!  

You should all be incredibly proud of what you have accomplished as a community.  

Words cannot fully express how much I appreciate all your hard work and time that you have given to this year's musical.

I shall be forever grateful for this year's cast. 

Your skill, creativity, talents, dedication and love of the theater has warmed my heart.