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The Jenkintown High School Theater Arts Program is dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of the Jenkintown High School student body and providing a safe and creative environment where the artists can cultivate their craft within a supportive and caring community.

The 2016 Cast of Into the Woods

Into the Woods
2016 JHS Fall Musical

Please sign up for remind.com  text @k7ad99 to 81010. 

Be very familiar with your songs/lines by the beginning of Boot Camp!

Cappies Committee:
Emily Dubin, Alicia McCarthy, Charlie Mangan, Ethan Walters, 
Avery Misinkavitch, Mia Westkaemper, Maria Cotsis
Caitlin Frazee, Cade Lafferty, James Gans, Henry Gifford, Madison Gardner

Congratulations Everyone!

Maddie Coffin-Narrator
Ben Danilak-Narrator
Mia Westkaemper-The Wolf    
Maria Cotsis-Cinderella       
Ethan Walters-Jack        
Emily Dubin-Jack's Mother          
Charlie Mangan-The Baker
Alicia McCarthy-The Baker's Wife    
Caitlin Frazee-Cinderella's Stepmother         
Laura Dibble-Florinda, u/s Grandmother (Granny)      
Yusra Ali-Lucinda, u/s Little Red RidingHood
Mattie McNamara-Little Red RidingHood         
Avery Misinkavitch-The Witch     
Courtney Todaro-Giant, Sleeping Beauty, u/s Cinderella's Step Mother
Madison Gardner-Cinderella's Mother, u/s Rapunzel
Henry Gifford-Cinderella's Father, Mysterious Man 
Maggie Farr-Rapunzel       
Cade Lafferty-Cinderella's Prince
James Gans-Rapunzel's Prince, u/s Jack    
Isabelle Stec-Sala-Grandmother (Granny), Snow White (alternate each performance)
Kerrin McSherry-Grandmother (Granny), Snow White (alternate each performance)
Danny Wescott-Steward

Sydney Weinik-Brewer
Marielle Zakrzwski-u/s Florinda
Bella Smith- u/s Lucinda
Anna Levin
Delaney McGarry
Sophie Pettit
Diego Morales
Emily Munson
Jeremy Todaro
Lily Walters
Ava Hill
Zarya Curran
Sophie Curran
Benjamin Roberts
Assistant Student Director: Mikayla Casey
Crew Leaders: Ari Ellison, Sydney Brown, 
Crew: Robert Coffin, Matt Stasiak, AJ Sulock, Corren Kennebrae, Lee Van Cleef, Lauren Biggs, Bella Kennebrae, Aniya Cager

*MTI will be explored for possible key changes for specific pieces depending on the needs of the actor.

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