JHStheaterarts Mission Statement

The Jenkintown High School Theater Arts Program is dedicated to nurturing and developing the talents of the Jenkintown High School student body and providing a safe and creative environment where the artists can cultivate their craft within a supportive and caring community.

JHS Theater Arts Department Welcomes the Cast of "Little Shop of Horrors "

Welcome to the 2015 Cast of
Little Shop of Horrors
Assistant Student Co-Directors
Taylor Stasiak, Alette Kligman

Cast of Characters
Featured Street Urchins
(Solos may be distributed as needed)
Crystal-Avery Misinkavitch
Chiffon-Mia Westkaemper
Ronnette-Alicia McCarthy
Georgette-Maggie Farr

Supporting Street Urchins
Amber-Sara Whitney
Lucile-Maria Cotsis
Maxine-Mattie McNamara
Darlene-Caitlin Frazee

Seymour-Ryan Kremp
                    Audrey-Taylor Stasiak     
Audrey II-Ethan Walters
Audrey II Puppeteer-Mikayla Casey
Mr. Mushnik-Charlie Mangan
Partrick Martin-Charlie Mangan
Orin-Cade Lafferty
 Bernstein-Henry Gifford
Voice-Ben Danilak
Skip Snip (Agent)-Clare Everett
Mrs. Luce-Emily Dubin
Dental Assistant-Emily Dubin
Derelict #1-Maya Posecznick
Derelict #2-Zayra Curran
Derelict #3-Tessa Sandre
Customer #1, #2 Yusra Ali, Ali Dobbs
Dentist Patient#1-Matt Stasiak
Dentist Patient#2-Yusra Ali
Interviewer-Evan Cahill

Skid Row Inhabitants/Dead Faces
Laura Dibble, Ava Hill, Tessa Sandre,
Alette Kligman, Henry Gifford, Ali Dobbs,
Sophie Mullins, Avie Mullins,
Delaney McGarry, Marielle Zakrzwski,
Madison Garnder, Yusra Ali,  
Siobhan Egan,
Anna Levin, Shoshana Levin, 
Emma Montroy,
Kaitlyn McMahon, 
Isabelle Stec-Sala,
Jillian Condran, Lily Walters, 
Evan Cahill, 
Zarya Curran, Sophie Pettit, 
Emily Munson, 
Clare Everett, Zayra Curran, 
Emily Dubin
Maya Posecznick, Henry Gifford,
Kiara Hughes

Avery Misinkavitch-Audrey II
Ethan Walters-Orin

Understudies for Street Urchins
ES Performance only
Yusra Ali (Ronnette)
Ali Dobbs (Crystal)
Marielle Zakrzwski (Chiffon)
Madison Gardner (Georgette)

Co-Crew Leaders
Ari Ellison, Bella Kennebrae
Mathew Stasiak, Ben Danilak, 
A.J. Sulock, Nicole Feist, 
James Gans

Tech Crew
Corren Kennebrae, Robert Coffin, 
Courtney Todaro

 Congratulations to All!

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