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Friday, October 4, 2013

Pippin Circus Skills!

Circus Skills and the Cast of Pippin!!!!

Maggie Farr, Maggie Davis, Ashley Kremp
Mimi Wythe, Sophie Mullins, Julia Guerin

Ryan Kremp, Alicia McCarthy, Jess Cartwright, Tim Stillmun,

Chinese Spinning Plate:
Evan Hentz, Maggie Farr, Mimi Wythe, Ryan Kremp, Tim Stillmun, Sara Whitney, Taylor Stasiak, Oonagh Kligman, Alette Kligman, Caitlin Frazee, Avery Misinkavitch

World Globe:
Alicia McCarthy
Ryan Kremp, Mattie McNamara, Sabrina Griffin,
Rory Moran

Rory Moran, Mattie McNamara, Alicia McCarthy

Rory Moran, Kiara Hughes, Tim Stillmun,
Evan Hentz, Mattie McNamara, Alicia McCarthy,
Sara Whitney, Avery Misinkavitch

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