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Friday, December 13, 2013

"Silk" Ladies~

Hi "Silk" Ladies,

This is a response to an e-mail Maggie D. sent to Christine.

Can we see her the 29th?


Hey guys!

Your email made me smile. I'm sorry I had to miss your show!! I was in rehearsals for a show I'm in this weekend at the annenberg center called snowball. (You guys should come! Let me know if you make it out!) Eric went and took a couple pictures fur me. You guys looked great and he said you all did awesome. Hooray!

As for a visit; ill be out of state from dec 22-28. Maybe on the 29? Ill have to check with Eric of we could get together at the coulter st space. My south philly apt is too small for all of us!

Good to hear from you,

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