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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Harvey Update!

Thank you for this weekend everyone.

We are definitely getting down to the wire...we all must give 100%.

I feel that you all gave quite a bit of time and energy this weekend to me, the play and the department. It is very much appreciated!

Just a few things..........TIM.......BIO????????

Great Harvey Bio-Dan it is great.


Can we have a potluck next weekend?
Could be a brunch pot-luck?

Tuesday....Act II and III and Monologue folks!
Wednesday...Act I and Monologue folks!

Pallor Guests-we need tea cups and saucers...spoons.

Sophie...can you organize the food?

Monologue Schedule:

Rory Moran-Wednesday
Caitlin Frazee-Wednesday
Kayleigh Moore-Tuesday
Charlie Mangan-Tuesday
Julia Guerin-Tuesday
Mattie MacNamara-Wednesday
Sophie Mullins-Tuesday
Caitlin Frazee-Tuesday
Alicia McCarthey-Wednesday
Oonah Kligman-Wednesday
Mimi Wythe-Tuesday
Sara Whitney-Tuesday
Maggie Farr-Tuesday
Oonah Kligman-Tuesday

Please keep checking this page and the blog as we head in to high gear!!!!!!!



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