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Saturday, November 15, 2014

A few reminders. . . . .

Hello All,

Last night was fantastic.  Very professional...not over the top.  Thank you to those who stayed for clean-up duty.

Tonight is a bit different.  All personal items must be removed from school-or out they go.

When you are done using your black capes and lab coats-put them away to take home.

ALL costumes must be covered with a bag that you will receive this evening-ALL costumes must be checked by Miss Ann, Mrs. McGeehan or myself.

ALL prop items must be organized and stored in the choral room.

NO ONE can leave until all is put away........halls are cleaned, as well as the back stage area and the choral and art room.

One more note:

Mr. Roller is coming this evening.  You all must remain as professional as possible.   DO NOT add anything.......the innuendo must remain innuendo.

Respect his wishes and requests.



Enjoy the day.

You guys have made me very proud.

Thank you!!!!!!!


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