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Friday, August 28, 2015

Response to Ryan and more information. . . .

Good Morning All,
Ryan...thank you for your wonderful post.
These past few weeks have been fantastic.
We have a terrific group of students; new members to our theater family and seasoned ones. It is up to us all to give 110% and make this the best production thus far.
If you know of folks who were unable to attend Boot Camp, perhaps you can help them with the dance? They will be very lost when we meet again.
Yes!! Practice what you have learned. Sell Mums and start thinking about Ads.
I will be asking for Bios the second week of school-no "last minute" anything this year.
I will also post the "sides" for auditions and specific singing sections.
I do suggest folks who want parts to look at all the possibilities (character breakdown is on the blog).
There are only a certain amount of roles-especially for the men! Don't limit yourself-think outside the box.
September 10th-at 7:15 p.m. there will be rehearsal for anyone who would like to work on audition material. We will meet in the chorale room.
I will check my schedule for this coming thursday. If it is open-I will designate times for cast members seeking roles, to come and work.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Go Little Shop!!!!!!

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