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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A letter from Avery

Hey everyone!! As we get closer and closer to our performance, it's getting more exciting, but more chaotic too. There are more responsibilities than ever, and it can be very overwhelming. The crew has been doing an amazing job: yes, the cast has been working really hard, but the crew is almost always underrated in shows. It's really not as simple as moving a door backwards. These kids are working your sound, lights, set, and plant!! It's insane!! They hold the power and deserve as much respect as anyone else. Mrs. Farr has been working incredibly hard too. Can you imagine picking out costumes for a huge cast like ours? Please listen closely to what she says, ALWAYS make sure you have everything on the hanger, and treat your costume with care. At rehearsal tonight, I'm going to ask if everyone can move past the taped line in the hall when they are waiting for their cues. That way, it can be a low whisper. Once you are past the line, there is absolutely NO talking. I have a hard time not talking too, but now it's already a habit, and it needs to be stopped by the 12th. I know there are mics and there is the pit, but you can still be heard and you might miss your cue. I'm so so proud of everyone. We're so close!! We've been working soooo hard for this and now we have the chance to show everyone what we're made of. If you're nervous, that only means you care about this show. EMOTE!!! Get into it!! It's not embarrassing because your Little Shop family is right up there with you. This will be a really great show. Please listen to Lys and Miss Ann and ask your friends - when you are off stage - if you have a question: chances are, someone in the cast will know, and Lys will be busy with the crew and pit. Please be patient with the light and sound crew, they only went over cues last night. Oh!! And remember to thank Mr. and Mrs. McGeehan! They have always been huge supporters and they help out with so much. Thanks guys!! See ya tonight

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