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Thursday, December 29, 2016

2017 Production Update!

Hello Folks,

Happy Holidays and soon to be New Year!

I will be posting the "sides" in a few days for our auditions, to be held on January 3rd (Tuesday evening... at 7:00 p.m.)

The auditions will  be for both "Timing" and "Play On!" 

All actors will be involved in the process...we will not be having a sign-up sheet.

It is strongly suggested that actors not be involved in activities that take away from the rehearsal process. 

Listed below are possible adjustments to the casting of "Play On!".



CASTING Possibilities

Non-Traditional casting
AGGIE  or ALGIE (short for ALGERNON)  MANVILLE - a stage manager and prompter. (m/f)

GERALDINE "GERRY" or "JERRY" (short for JEROME) DUNBAR - a community theatre director. (m/f)

HENRY BENISH ("Lord Dudley") - a Character Actor.

POLLY BENISH ("Lady Margaret") - a Character Actress. 

MARLA "SMITTY" SMITH ("Doris the maid") - a supporting player.

SAUL WATSON ("Doctor Rex Forbes") - a Villain.

BILLY CAREWE ("Stephen Sellers") -a Juvenile. 

VIOLET IMBRY ("Diana Lassiter") - an Ingenue. 

LOUISE  or LOUIE PEARY  (possible additional character named FRED, (short for FREDERICK  CAUSEWELL)- a sound-and-lighting-and-scenic technician. (m/f, m)

PHYLLIS MONTAGUE - a novice playwright in the community.

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