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Monday, January 9, 2017

Play On! "Back-Stories"

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow night, we will begin character "backstories" as well as staging Pages 5-27.  

For the "backstories", please refer to the Character Analysis Questions for guidance.

All characters in Pages 5-27 will stay to block (if time permits) after the backstories have completed.

No rehearsal on Wednesday evening.

I will post the schedule by Friday for the rest of the run.

Character "backstory" relationships that need to be developed:

Billy and Violet
Henry and Polly 
Smitty and her Mother
Aggie, Louise, Gerry
Violet and Saul
Saul and Polly
Phyllis and Polly
Saul, Henry, Billy
Phyllis and Gerry

You will be presenting the backstories to the rest of the cast!

Take Care and keep warm!


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