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Friday, January 29, 2016

January 31st-Performance Workshop

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, the following scenes will be rehearsed with J Hernandez. I encourage you to be as off book as possible.

ALL cast members will be quiet during the rehearsal period.  No cell phones on Sunday (or in the future) while people are working.

There will not be a specified "lunch break".  You should bring food/drinks....but you must find a time to eat when you are not working with J.

J will be working with us more than once.  Bring pencils, paper, your scripts, and a wonderful and creative attitude to this Sunday's workshop.

BE ON TIME!!!!  
11:30 a.m.
If you are late, your scene (if scheduled) will not be seen on that day!

Scenes for January 31st:
In this order:
(what we don't get to on Sunday, we will continue where we left off next time with J)

Father, Annie, Girl, Mother, Boy (p. 10-15)
Carolyn, Emily (p. 18-21)
Michael, Aggie (p. 21-23)
Architect, Psychiatrist (p. 24-27)
Grandfather, Nick, Dora (p. 33-37)
Paul, Margery (p.38-41)
Meg, Jim (p. 54-58)
Standish, Emily, David, Bertha, Claire (p.59-64)
Aunt Harriet, Tony (p. 52-54)
Ruth, Annie (p. 67-70)
Peggy, Billy, Ted, Winkie, Sabra, Sam, Brewster (27-32)
Ellie, Howard (p. 15-17)
Harvey, Dick (64-67)
Stuart, Nancy, Old Lady, Ben, Beth, Fred 
Helen, Sara (p. 46-48)
Kate, Gordon, Chris (p.48-51)

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