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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pippin-Note to Cast!

Hello All,

What a day. So much accomplished......but it took quite a long time to get there.

Passion! It is what drives us all...it is what makes us push ourselves to the next level...not to accept anything less than to be outstanding!

I feel incredibly passionate about what I do. As a performer, singer, musician, director......but most of all, as a teacher.

I want nothing more for my students than to have them shine and blossom in whatever they do musically, theatrically...and as people.

I was disappointed that so many of you were late....that so many of you had less that 100% energy and focus. So many of you let other cast members do most of the work this afternoon. So many of you still continued to chat.

What can I say?

The show is now in your hands. Minus a few things we need to review, this show is now up and running.

If you work as a community, if you learn your moves, lines, have your costume ready to go.....remember what you move and when...we will all be part of something so beautiful and totally rewarding.

You have worked so hard, put in so many hours...singing, dancing, tumbling, climbing silks, moving and moving again, creating, discovering....please do not let it be all for nothing.

I honestly treasure this cast. We are all so different, but have come together to tell a story...to once again bring an incredibly talented group to the stage.

No other words can I share.

This show is YOURS! Yours to OWN!!!!!

You can do it.

Thank you for working so hard, for me, with me, for one another.


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