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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Act 2 Notes. . .

Notes: Act 2

Dan-don’t call the audience a “jack-ass”-no need to use expletives
Kayleigh and Dan-“jump” at the same time (when you are cold)
Emily-better-but even more volume
Charlie-we need an Ophelia dress
Dan-“handsaw”-not sure what you said
Kayleigh pg. 50-please move towards to the light-you were in the dark
No scripts Saturday-none!
Caitlin-work on the walk we talked about
Maggie-work on the characterization we talked about
Charlie-pg. 52-after your monologue-don’t you go back on stage?  The lights were set for you being back onstage-so you were in the dark
Charlie-volume pg. 53
Michael-wait for the trumpet fanfare to finish before you say your lines.  You waited last night-it was great!
Maggie D.-exit through the arch-say lines before you leave
Maggie/Caitlin-move on and off faster.  Keep the energy moving.
Caitlin-if you are going to say the “compensation” line-do it with gusto
Michael-stay in character all the time-while on stage
Maggie D. die away from the curtains
Every-learn your lines!!!!!

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