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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Notes and more Notes. . . .

Nice stuff all around last night, y'all. Remember ... go over your lines (nice job to those of y'all almost or totally off book last night) ... now when your entrances and exits are coming up ... and above all, please, no talking if you're sitting in the audience ... no talking backstage either ... if ya wanna chat it up, go into the hall or in the lobby, but make sure your listening for your cues. Cool? Cool.
1) Dan and Kayleigh ... excellent opening last night. The finest it's ever been. Keep up the good work on that.
2) Kayleigh ... overall, nicely done on the end of the intro ... but don't let your voice get too high when you're getting to the end of it ... I'm not talking volume-wise, I'm talking pitch wise.
3) Charlie ... this is the one time I'm gonna tell you not to rush ... don't rush the intro your improv monologue. Go over the real facts so we can all hear them ... and remember ... watch your "uh's."
4) Charlie ... good on the whole Shakespeare is still alive bit ... last night you said something new, like, "I think he lives somewhere in Britain now." What would be even funnier is if you named some random place in and around Philly, like ... "I think he lives in Manayunk or Conshohocken or something." I don't know, totally up to you.
5) R&J Prologue ... Dan and Charlie ... I think the word "dumb" is funnier than "stupid" ... but that's just me.
6) Kayleigh ... you can start in quicker with your Benvolio stuff ... you don't have to wait for Michael to exit all the way.
7) Charlie ... stay on the chair til "but love" ... you can say the first "but love" from up there ... after that you can come down from off of it.
8) Charlie ... don't anticipate the "virgin" joke. Let it happen, look at who Dan is pointing to, then comment. Went too fast yesterday. Also, that "second base" ad lib? Yeah, it's still not working for me. Heh, sorry, dude.
9) Dan ... hahah, do not say "Congratulations." after the virgin joke.
10) Alicia ... yell on your way when you're gonna go up to fight Romeo ... y'know, like, from the stairs ... overall, really nice scene, though.
11) Ali, make sure your hood is up for the Friar ... completes the Obi Wan joke. Also, could use a wee bit more volume (!!!), but, still, good!
12) Charlie, after your last vomit attack, ya gotta get back to the stage quick. Let's get rid of them Mac Trucks.
13) Dan ... I like it better when I didn't hear the "t" in ,"Oh, s***!" after you drink the poison and see Juliet wake up. It was more of a "Ohhhh, s********* ... " ... I don't know, to me it's just funnier.
14) After the Romeo and Juliet epilogue when both Dan and Charlie exit ... I'm thinking, Dan, you don't even have to leave the stage ... or if you do, bolt right back out into the next scene. Mac Truck moment.
15) Alicia ... you have great vocal strength with Tybalt ... let's see if we can find that same strength for Titus!
16) Alicia ... remember, "Murderer." Not the other word!
17) Cade and Maria ... remember to get ready to make your entrance stage right!
18) Not for me and Lys ... I need to email you that "Psycho" music for the slow mo scene.
19) Alicia ... remember you gotta be in slow mo, too!
20) Maria ... remember that you can't go through the middle arch.
21) Dan, as soon as Titus is done, come right out. Mac Truck.
22) Charlie ... the word extenuate ... ex-ten-u-ate.
23) Dan, Kayleigh, let's pick up the pace a little after Charlie kills himself with the boat.
24) Kayleigh ... the word Elizabethans ... there's no "ians" in it ... E-liz-ah-bee-thens. Nit-picky, I know.
25) Hahah, sorry Kayleigh, I'm picking on you again ... commedia dell-arte ... last word "art-tay" rather than just "art."
26) Charlie, Dan, Kayleigh ... "Four Weddings and a Transvestite!" make sure your in unison and when you're done, rush to where you gotta be.
27) Mattie, remember to face the audience when you say your lines ... this pretty much goes for everyone during the comedy bit.
28) I think we can afford to use the arches waaaaaaay more during the comedy bit.
29) Sean ... YOU ROCK.
30) Cade ... YOU ROCK, TOO.
31) Dan, Kayleigh ... good Caesar cover.
32) Dan, Kayleigh, and Charlie ... I think we need to work the Troilous and Cressida bit ... something is getting lost ...
33) Football scene ... overall, looking good ... I'd like some death rattles to sound out with every death on stage. We'll make this a rule ... if you get stabbed or poisoned ... make a noise and/or sound.
34) Cheerleader-dudes ... I dig your enthusiasm. Make sure we hear Maggie's last lines, though ... or you can come out a wee bit later.
35) Dan, Charlie, Kayleigh ... we really gotta steamroll these last few minutes of act 1 ... the stakes gotta be there ... Charlie doesn't wanna do the show and you're pretty much having a nasty fight. That pace has gotta be there cause folks wanna go to the bathroom ... and we want them to buy concessions.
36) Kayleigh .. make sure we don't lose the words ... "dark" ... "brooding" ... and "vengeance."
37) Sean ... see if you can come out a little earlier while Kayleigh is doing her quick change.
38) Do we have someone assigned to do the ghost-flip from the shopping list?
39) Dan, more Bat-voice with, "YES, YOOOOOOU." Give it a shot.
40) Dan, Kayleigh .... "Would the night were come." ... run, JUMP, then chill.
41) Yusra ... just so the pronunciation is simpler ... it's all one word, one syllable ... "didst."
42) Emily ... great British accent (!!!) ... we just need some vocal energy to back it up.
43) Charlie ... waaaaaaaaay better Ophelia voice. Good job.
44) Dan ... hand-SAW ... not hand-SHAW.
45) Good on "to be or not to be" ... I liked that whole scene ... the not remembering it works so well.
46) The whole Supernatural bit ... paaaaaace, guys, we need to pick it up a lil'. Think more bickering and less having an actual civil conversation.
47) Charlie ... good Hamlet speech ... you don't have to start out so well, though ... you can almost start just reciting it to yourself and then get really into it.
48) First time we hear the word "ID" we reeeeeeally gotta hear it.
49) Gotta work on the pace for the whole audience participation bit ... I think we can go at it a little faster.
And that's all I got. We'll see y'all tonight!

Notes continued~

1.     What happened to the singing of “And Romeo and Juliet are dead…….”?
2.     Alicia-yes…more volume when you are Titus!
3.     Perhaps we need a bit of a filler-to give Kayleigh more time to become “Robin”?
4.     J is much nicer than I.  NO TALKING at all!!! Focus on the play…especially since we have newcomers and many folks missed their cues last night.

5.     Be respectful of the process.  You are responsible for your scripts, costumes and props.  DO NOT TOUCH any props or costumes that are not yours.  NO One may leave until all props and costumes are put back where they belong.  We are a community-we must work together.

6.     “Buzz Kill” from Dan-I really didn’t hear it last night.

7.     I would like not to have too many s***!  Use them wisely.

8.     Charlie-remember “The William Tell Overture”.

9.     Ali-Yes!  Please wear the hood-and perhaps keep your hands in the sleeves as you walk-Remember Obi-Wan!

10. More energy in Act 2-yes…especially with the audience participation.  If “Bob” doesn’t scream-please try and get him/her to.

11. Charlie, please don’t keep putting your leg on the seats.  Lean into the audience members if you want to connect even more.

Just a reminder. . . Soon it  will be too late for me to take any Ads…the program is dependent upon how many Ads you sell.  I only have few.  That will cover posters right now and tickets.  Come on folks!!!

Bios need to be in by next Wednesday!

That is the final due date!!!!

See you all soo,


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