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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Notes and Rehearsal Update. . . . . March 1st!

Really good work today!!

Take a moment to read the notes.
We start tomorrow at 2:30 p.m.
Please be ready for warm-ups at that time.

Act 1 ran 50 minutes...Act 2 was 1 hour and 5 min. Keep things moving. Just a few memory gaps. You guys are all amazing.

I hope YF was fun tonight. Let me know how it went. I took time to be with the family. I was sorry to have missed it.
Get some rest folks!!!!

Act 1 Notes:
1. Charlie-please be in the audience right after house lights go off.
2. Kayleigh-great beginning. Very strong.
3. Dan-nice reaction to Kayleigh's "King John" line
4. SWhitney-great job on music cue "Jesus is just alright"
5. Charlie-great Beatles today
6. Dan-good response to Charlie's commenting on all the different musicals.
7. Michael-watch your hands. Can you come up with a "stance" for your character...so your hands are not always moving?
8. Dan-"buzz kill" louder.
9. Michael-if you miss your line-don't say "no". Don't comment at all-just keep going.
10. No talking backstage or in the light booth!!!!!!
11. Charlie-volume and diction-especially as Juliet.
12. Charlie-much better kick. Good prep.
13. Charlie-very nice balcony scene.
14. Charlie-great Juliet scream.
15. Charlie-loved the "I don't think so" line.
16. Charlie-don't rush the "second base" bit.
17. Sean-great choice to stand profile-good visual. Nice use of your voice. Good energy. "Manly breast"-just so funny.
18. Ali-couldn't hear anything. Too soft and too fast. Face front and project.
19. Dan-don't forget to run into Charlie when you come back on stage as Romeo. Missed the kick.
20. Dan-loved when you took the knife away from Charlie-so funny.
21. Charlie/Dan-"and Romeo and Juliet are dead"...it is better. Perhaps just sing in unison-don't worry about harmony.
23. Alicia-Good volume. Use the fingers-for "finger lickin' good". Ask for house lights when you offer treats. Bring in treats for tomorrow. You need a spoon for your bowl.
24. Alicia-a bit out of order here-your Tybalt was great!!!
25. Rap Folks-stay in character. The audience will love this-don't smile-keep the attitude going. Please move closer to Sean-there is a huge gap on either side of him.
26. Mike-nice job!
27.Caitlin-come out faster. Move the tempo a bit.
28. Caitlin and Alicia-remind me to show you what I mean about using the arches.
29. Mike-when you left the stage-you came back through the arches and exited stage left (again)? ?????
30. SWhitney-watch the music for when Caesar is killed. Kayleigh and Dan-slow the action down a bit.
31. Charlie and Dan-"mobile"/"noble" was just great!!!!
32. Dan-you lifted one of the snakes on stage-very funny. You were also telling Charlie not to mock Kayleigh...that was great.
33. Kayleigh-time for the sandwiches and monograph please!!!
34. Mattie-Turn your head when you enter as Godzilla-towards the audience. When you leave, turn and give a little pathetic wave. Nice job.
35. Football folks-Do not talk out in the hallway-we hear you!!!!!!
36. Maggie F. and Maria-you were late. Kayleigh-nice cover.
37. Maggie F. mic needs to be on-Robert will now be there to help back stage.
38. Emily-you used to kneel as part of your football schtick. Where did that go?
39. SWhitney-make sure the music is not loud until after all the dialogue is spoken.

Act 2 Notes:
1. Sean-we need more volume.
2. Dan-really nice work.
3. Kayleigh/Dan-couldn't hear "Horatio" and "pistachio".
4. Emily-better. Even more volume.
5. Charlie-"the drugs" just so funny today.
6. Dan-perhaps not say that "Bob: is as common as say.."Muhammad"-how about "Smith"? "Jones"?
7. Note for all actors: if the audience is laughing or applauding-don't cut them off-wait a beat or two.
8. Charlie-"like an onion" say with reverence/awe.
9. Charlie/Dan/Kayleigh-audience participation was better. Keep thinking energy and moving forward with it.
10. Kayleigh-thank you for "thanking" the audience member.
11. Michael-"I'm on fire'-as J would say-More Bane!!!
12. Michael-when you are on stage-you need a "kingly" stance.
13. Caitlin-you need to do something with your hands.
14. Charlie-"this is acting" awesome!!
15. Caitlin and Dan-during your fight scene-didn't Caitlin use the center stairs?
16.Caitlin-keep working on that voice.
17.Michael-nice death (each time)
18. Kayleigh-stay in character-try not too laugh.
19. Dan/Kayleigh-remember to "jump" on the first "faster" section together.

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