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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Notes, Notes and more Notes. . . . ..

All things considered ... for having been away from the play for so long ... not a bad run. A little too many scripts in hand for a "no-script" run, but not bad, none the less. Let's keep the racket down backstage and in the hall, please. If you have entrances and exits coming up, please be wary of them. I also think there needs to be a cutoff in adding new bits to the show ... talky bits. We're trying to streamline, now, not add more. The more we add, the longer the show is gonna get. The first act came out last night in a little over and hour ... and that's sans Dan's solo at the end. That's a bit long, yeah? Less than a month, y'all, we gotta be on point, okay? Lotta' new notes ... and a lotta' notes I've given before ... but remember, for every note I give, there's thousands of moments in the show that are, indeed, working and that's something to be proud of.
1) Dan, good intro. Nice and casual. If you're gonna do the witchcraft joke, set it up better. Went too fast.
2) Kayleigh ... good for you, too, but please watch your speed. You found a good pace when you got down to the audience.
3) Best "ecce homo" response yet. That's a keeper. Charlie, I'm talking to you.
4) Charlie ... good improv with the hand ... make sure we're not missing "daughter of a roman." Also, what happened to Anne Hathaway/Catwoman and "I don't understand half of what he says." Those jokes are gold. Also, remember, watch your "Uh's", please. When we hear your "Uh's" we as an audience know you're reaching for something.
5) Dan, Charlie ... what happened to "That's dumb." ... ? Bring that back. I like it.
6) The Samsung joke ... it's just not reading. Lys, not sure if you agree with me on this one. We either need to clean it up or let it go.
7) Michael ... do not break character. That is, don't smile and laugh when your entering as the Prince. And learn who's who. Okay? Okay.
8) Dan ... need your quick change to be faster. Have somebody waiting in the wings to change your vest and put your sword belt on. Needs to happen fast, fast, fast.
9) Dan ... looks like we're not getting much light on the lip of the stage ... do me a favor next run ... fall on your side with your face directly to the audience ... like you're sleeping in fetal position ... that may work ... and we can also get some light on your face.
10) I'm back to not liking that "Second base" ad-lib. If you're gonna do it, Charlie, do it fast.
11) This may just be because y'all were searching for lines and I don't wanna sound like a jer when I say this ... but the whole R&J section was draaaaaaaagging last night. We need it light, we need it bubbly, and we need it fast. This is the first show we start the show off with and we gotta set the pace right with it, alright? Alright.
12) Ali - We need your hood up and watch your volume.
13) Charlie that whole vomit sequence needs to go way faster, but I thank you for making your way to the stage quickly.
14) Dan stay on stage when R&J is done so you can present the next play. Charlie, you can still exit.
15) Alicia ... volume got better as the scene progressed, but we gotta start out with that energy, too. I also need a lot less profile from you as well. The more the audience sees your face when you speak, the better.
16) Maria ... say "Really gross ... " and then take Cade ... and remember to throw him onto the middle arch section with the lattice work.
17) Dan ... "What is a Moor?" ... if that could just be clearer, please. Vocally.
18) Othello rap ... Cade, good improvement on your solo lines ... everyone else who has a solo line ... SELL IT ... breath into your belly and let's hear them words!
19) Kayleigh ... after "4 Weddings and a Transvestite" ... walk and talk whilst you get to your place. It fills up dead air.
20) Alicia ... less profile ... you start out great ... notice the Jewish stereotype ... but tell the audience about.
21) To that effect, this is a note for EVERYONE in the comedy section ... less profile ... waaaaaaay less profile.
22) Sean, you can start quicker with your turn in duck-duck-goose.
23) Charlie ... we really gotta hear you wanna say "Macbeth" ... don't go too fast ... we gotta set up that bit properly cause we go on an on about it for a page.
25) Dan, Charlie, Kayleigh ... first mention of "Hamlet" needs to be clearer.
26) Charlie ... your diction kinda went out the window in that whole last bit after the football game. I want it fast ... and you got that ... but now I need it clear, okay? Okay.
27) Note for me and Lys ... I have an idea for an internal cut to save on time ... I'm just throwing it out there ... I think Dan playing out the first few moments of Hamlet by himself is not necessary. That's just me, though.
28) Dan, we all love the joke ... see if you can find a shorter one that's even cornier.
29) Charlie ... the word "doublet." DUB-LET.
30) Dan, Emily, I'm not feeling the added Alfred lines. Lys may disagree. We either need to clean them up or they gotta go.
31) Michael - MORE BANE.
32) Michael - Don't fidget with your costume.
33) Caitlin - Good voice. Let's keep playing with that.
34) Caitlin - "It is the poisoned cup ... " say that to the audience.
35) Maggie - There's no need for you to exit after you drink from the poisoned cup. You can stay on stage. The poison is slooooooowly working it' way into your system ... you don't realize you've been poisoned until before the line ... "How does the queen?"
And that's all I got today, y'all. Wish I could see y'all tonight, but, alas, I have an audition I need to attend in West Philly. Please keep looking over your lines. Please focus. Please know your entrances and exits. Please don't give Lys a hard time. For those of you all who I've told about volume ... if you feel like you're yelling ... you're not. Need to hear them words! Have a good rehearsal tonight, y'all, and we'll see ya Sunday. Peace.

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