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Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Notes and requested cuts. . . . . . .

Hello Friends,
I hope you are well.
Much to do for  our upcoming performance 
and not much time remaining.

1.  BIOS-no later than tonight (Saturday)
2.  Ads-there are quite a few folks who have not brought in an Ad.  I will start a list after Sunday's rehearsal.  
The support that you bring in helps keep the theater department afloat.
Those of you who have not generated an Ad; that is most unfortunate and disappointing.

3. NO SCRIPTS SUNDAY and there after.

4.  Please take note of the following line changes.  It is what it is...make the changes and lets move on:

Pg. 2-Dan, please take out the entire references to drinking.  "That's like two six-packs....to.....Shakespeare and alcohol".  

Dan...no flipping of the bird...no"shi**". Please use other descriptives.

Pg.  21-Take out the "blackface" line.

Pg. 27-Kayleigh, you and I have already talked, but so the cast knows:  we are taking out "Ensuing bisexual....to...female genitalia".  

Pg. 46-No "falatio".

General notes:
1.  Charlie-can you sing more of the "Baby you can drive my car-" before you move on.
2. SWhit-continue with the Greensleeves music until the word "Prologue".
3. Remember-no samsung joke.
4. Dan-remind us tomorrow exactly when you want the Imogen Heap music
5.Charlie-nice William Tell Overture
6. Ali-remember not to say your lines profile.  Also, in the Rap-say your line front.
7. Alicia...can you increase your volume on "It's a pisser"-Don't talk too profile.
8. Maria-bring Cade to the center arch.
9. Sean-you will need to rehearse Cade's parts starting tomorrow (Sunday)
10.I like the rap without music-yes?  With Michael beat-boxing?
11.  Maria/Maggie-please don't miss your cues!
12.  NO ONE hangs in the music room-keep the hallways quiet-starting tomorrow.
13. Pile-up for the football game-please bring it more center and a bit down-stage.
14. Dan-I would really like to solidify the mash-up by the end of this week and start performing it.
15. The audience participation scene really needs to move-too much ad-libs on Thursday.
16. Please be mindful of all your costumes.
17. Mattie-were you going to bring in a fishing pole?
18. Yusra-you are so good!
19. Charlie-if you say the door is locked-don't open it. (audience stage right-door)
20. Emily-nice volume.  Even more perhaps?
21. Hair-ladies...start thinking about that-no hair on face. With some of you, we can't even see your faces.
22. Remember to come on stage as your character (body language/walking). Caitlin-Emily...it really comes across well when you focus on that. Some of you already do it so well.
J-can you help us focus on that tomorrow?
23. "Smoke Bomb" Kayleigh-make sure we hear you say that.
24. Use the arches.
25. NO TALKING backstage-NO HANGING in the wings!!!!!

Please review J's notes and come tomorrow with good energy, much less talking, no cell phones and ready to have a great run.

This is a wonderful show.  You have taken on quite the task and have raised the bar.  Don't lower it by poor behavior choices and lack of respect for what you have worked so very hard on for the past few months.

11:30 a.m come to school.  We will warm-up, mention any last minute notes and set our props.

If there are changes in time due to weather, I will  post them on the blog and FB book page.

See you all soon!


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