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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Notes. . . . . March 9, 2015

Notes to think by. . . .
Act 1
1. Thank you all for reading my notes and J's, and taking them to heart. The changes have really made a difference.
2. Dan- Awesome introduction for Charlie-great "fake-out" to the audience.
3. Dan-so funny-your reaction when the music comes on for Kayleigh's bit.
4. Charlie-loved when you asked the audience members behind you if they knew King John.
5. Kayleigh-great snobbery.
6. Kayleigh and Dan thank you for covering for Michael's missed entrance.
7. Michael-you forgot to come out...Dress rehearsals should be treated like an actual performance. Also-don't re-enter the stage when you leave after the Macduff scene.
8. NO LAUGHING on stage-please.
9. Charlie-great Juliet wig.
10. Charlie-Balcony scene-so funny..excellent choices. Just don't rush your lines.
11. Dan-love when you came into the audience and then asked for a phone number.
12. Dan/Charlie-second base bit was terrific.
13. Ali-please watch your hands and volume.
14. Alicia-"it's a pisser". Wait for the laugh.
15. Alicia-great volume.
16. Alicia/Maria-you need cookies and a tray tonight!!!!!
17. Cade-great face during the Lavinia/Titus scene.
18. Sean-don't forget the rest of your costume?
19. Rap-great energy-Sean/Cade/Julia/Mattie so funny!
Act 2
20. Charlie-please take a moment to find an audience participant.
21. Charlie-not too much ad-lib. Keep the show moving-you had fabulous energy last night. Keep that up!
22. Caitlin-you need your make-up on tonight.
23. Who can help with make-up?
24. Emily-Slower death through the arch way.
25. Michael-Where was the cup? Please pre-set your props!
26. SWhitney-you so rock!
27. Corren-you are awesome!
28. No talking in the booth.....please.
EVERYONE must be in their costume tonight-do not show up un-prepared.
We start the run at 7:20 p.m.
We warm-up at 7:00 p.m. EVERYONE must be on stage.
Make-up will take a while-please start showing up to school by 6:00 p.m.
NO TALKING-NO HANGING OUT in the choral room. Bring something quiet to do.
Please-your lack of respect is really bringing down an excellent production.
There will be clean-up groups for each night. The choral room was not the way it needs to be left. Hangers all over/trash.
Thank you all!
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