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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Notes...Just a few

Notes (just a few)
Act 1
Act 1 ran about 1 hour. I hope that we can trim it down a few minutes as we continue running this week.
1. Dan-perhaps a bit more make-up up around your eyes. The lights are washing you out a bit.
2. Kayleigh-slow down and really annunciate.
3. Kayleigh-I love the way you say "it's a good read".
4.Charlie-great Beatles rendition today.
5. Please-Light Booth. No talking or moving of chairs.
6. SWhitney-really nice work.
7. Corren-so good today.
8. Michael-you need to wear the socks that come with your costume.
9. Cade/Michael-where is the third hat?
10. Football Team-you came out too early.
11. Football Team-once you leave the auditorium-Do not Make ANY NOISE!!!!!!!!
12. Michael-you need to be a bit more front.
13. Alicia-more volume "what a pisser" and "receive the blood".
14. Mattie-watch your arm when you say your lines in the football game-you blocked your face-we couldn't hear you.
15. Michael-when you are done your scene and go through the arch-do not return to the stage to exit (again).
16. Charlie-"that not too fresh feeling" was way fast.
17. Dan-can you get closer to Charlie before he burps?
18. Sean-love that you put on the hat during the rap.
19. Stage Right Rap Folks-you are too bunched up-please even out the space between both sides.
20. Dan-when you talk about getting a name from the audience-try not to mention that the show is not going well. Perhaps suggest that you want as much good karma as you can get and you would rather not use the Macb....name.
21. Mattie-do a bit more of your Godzilla and move into the light.
22. Dan-loved the witch outfit.
23. Michael-don't laugh on stage-I know its hard-but that will bring the scene down a notch.
Act II
This ran about 1 hour as well-it needs to move a bit more folks-keep the audience participation moving!
24. Dan-can you move the Sonnet section just a bit? No need to add any more bits to this section.
25. Did we loose the index cards?
26. Charlie-Pizza box?
27. Emily-you look great!!!! Good projection and reaction to Dan.
28. Puppet theater is coming.
29. Dan/Kayleigh/Charlie-loved the Dr. Who bit.
30.Light Guys...shshhshhhsh
31. Dan-can you keep checking in on the "Bobs" on stage? They need to feel part of the entire process. That is going to require a bit of running back and forth-but that way they are still in the scene and action.
32. Michael-more front with your Bane mask on.
33. Light Guys-once the audience participation is over-please dim the lights.
34. Emily-go slowly through arch SL when you are dying.
35. Dan-great reference to Imogen heap.
36. Dan-love the Lord of the Rings/Golem voice bit. So funny and creative.
37. Dan-we need to sing through the mash-up. Lets talk in the morning.
38. Maggie-great reaction to the poison-but...you need to learn the last of your lines.
That's it folks.
The run will start at 7:30 p.m. Warm-ups at 7:00 p.m.
Be ready to rock with wonderful energy and enthusiasm
You have a terrific show. SELL TICKETS!
J-we can't wait to see you tomorrow night.

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