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Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hi All,
Great show tonight!!!!!
I had two dear friends in the audience tonight. Both theater folks.
They loved the show. They thought the pacing was excellent-wonderful energy. But they did also mention that sometimes less is more....does that make sense?
It is hard to judge, when you are in the moment-if you are doing too little or too much. I think now we can settle in and keep things moving-but not go too much in the other direction.
Remember volume, clarity in the Rap. Don't swallow your lines-some of you did.
I want to thank those who were on task tonight in regards to no talking, helping to clean up, and not being on their cell phones.
That being said-many of you were on cells and not really focusing on the show.
It is really important for all of us to stay focused. Please...I can't stress this enough. Stay in the moment, support your fellow cast mates. Don't bring the quality of our work down by poor choices.
Remember to be ON TIME to school tomorrow.
Please remember to thank SWhit tonight. She has been a real sport-she has been in pain and is pretty uncomfortable...yet she chose to be with you all tonight.
Bravo to her!!!!
Get some rest, and as Dan said-spread the word!!!!
You have something to be very proud of.

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