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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Notes. . . . . .

Act 1 and 2:
Just a general note-no need to an any new bits to the show. You guys have something very special here-everything has its place now. Please be aware that what you add may not be for the benefit of the production.
1. Dan-don't "bit my thumb" too long. 
2. Dan-really nice introduction.
3. Mattie-please review your lines
4. Dan and Charlie-can you move more SL when you do the Romeo and Juliet dance? The light is more in that direction. Let me know if that will work for you both.
5. Charlie and Dan-love the "non" handshake.
6. Charlie-the "second date" bit didn't work yesterday. You are doing so well-take your time.
7. Alicia-Great scene. You could be louder when you add "oh, you don't have a hand"-when you try to high-five. You need a spoon. Can you get lady fingers and red food coloring?
8. Charlie-good delivery on your "yo!"
9.Rap Folks-you are still dropping lines...please review. The energy is awesome.
10. Michael-good "word" out with Charlie at the end.
11. Michael-general note-please speak more forward-you are a bit profile still.
12. Maggie D.-Say your lines -then move. You are always saying your lines as you are running off stage.
13. Sean-you are too funny! Good use of character voice.
14. Alicia/Caitlin-really nice use of arches in the "duck-duck-goose".
15. Alicia-Make sure that you trip and then recognize Caitlin. Right now it seems pretty "staged".
16. Football Team-wait for the music cue-before you run down the aisle. Right now-it is all happening too quickly.
17. Mr. O'Brien is going to lend us Drake Jerseys for this sequence.
18. Kayleigh-we need sandwiches and a monograph. We could use a scroll-we have two in the choral room.
19. Dan-love your "artistic" dance. Perhaps slow it down at different sections-not too crazy behind Kayleigh.
20. Good Audience Participation sequence yesterday. Remember to keep it moving.
21. Michael-Please do not add any "vine" references. If anyone would like to try something new-you need to ask me first.
Ads are due now. You need to send me the art work-that is all I need.
The printer is moving forward-so the cut-off is like yesterday!!!!
I need t-shirt sizes and orders now as well.
I will order 6 for the "bobs" of each show.
I have tickets to sell on Monday and posters to put up.
I will send out who will be performing in the English classes soon.
Cade/Mike are definitely one. How about the "duck-duck goose"? That is awesome! We will be doing the scenes in the classrooms.
Happy Snow-Day!

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