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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Ode to TCWs

Here’s the story of a cast, of a crew, a show
The script was filled with words,
That they didn’t really know
They read their parts,
They saw some jokes,
They even laughed at all the boats.
They knew they had the makings
Of a show that they could boast
They went to school,
They read their lines
Where some made sense,
and some did not
Then came a man named “J”
And he really knew a lot.
Their time was spent so wisely,
The creative process it did soar
We added Batman, added Bane,
We had a rap-and even “moor”!!
They knew that this guy Shakespeare,
Had funky language and strange plots
They knew they had some work to do
And pulled out all the stops.
As we think about the journey,
All the roads we’ve travelled on.
You must admit to all the grandeur
That each night we did put on
With all the lines, and props, and costumes
You finally came together
You proved to all the doubters
That you could really do it better
I’ll miss the smiles,
The friendly banter,
And, Yes, even all the chatter.
For this cast has truly proven
That you know what really matters.
You are brave,
You are strong
You saw a vision
Then set it free.
Know that you are special
To the school,
your friends,
And me!

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