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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Costume Update!!!!

Hi all,

I am costuming The Dining Room.  If your sons should have any of the following items, could you please ecourage them to bring these items to rehearsal on Sunday, February 21st, so that I may determine if they will work for their characters. They are welcome to bring the items back home if they should need them before “tech” week (the week of the performances).  If they do so, I ask that they bring the items back to the school the Sunday of tech week.

Clothing items to bring to rehearsal on Sunday, February 21 (if you have them)

All male characters:
1. kakis (pants) and/or brown, navy blue or grey pants (dress or business casual pants) – if you have kakis and dress pants, please bring both;
2. suit jackets or blazers;  
3. button-down, collared  dress shirts (light blue, white, or cream);
4. brown or black leather-style shoes.

Male characters that are children: nicer shorts (no sport shorts or shorts with cargo pockets); keds or vans style sneakers (blue or white).

Michael McGettigan and Sean Cahill:  navy, white, cream, grey, or green polo-style shirt (short sleeve, usually cotton or cotton-blend, collared).

If your child does not have a needed item from the above list, I will try my best to procure the items at no cost to you. If I cannot find the items from various theatre groups, I will contact you early next week.

For tech week (week of March  6), please have your child bring in an approriate pair(s) of colored socks for the costumes – in most cases these will be dark or tan dress socks.  I will let you child know what color I prefer before tech week.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for your help,

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