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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Dining Room Language Update

Dear Cast/Crew,

We are on our way-the home stretch towards a very busy, but fruitful weekend.

NO Scripts starting Wednesday.  Go with your instincts, listen and react-be inventive and new.

From now on: Be quiet and NO PHONES! 

Not even in the hallways.  Get used to this practice-it is a distraction and keeps many of you from being in the "moment" and
supportive of the process, and to your fellow performers.

Mr. Roller likes our choice of play and is supportive of the scenes we are performing. His request is to take out the one expletive 
that is used in some scenes.

Please find another word and share it with me.

Thank you for your energy and time.  We hope to have most props by this weekend. Bring your own newspapers and small items that you are able to procure on your own.

ADS?  I need all first  Ads by Wednesday evening.

Take Care,


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