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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday February 23 Notes!

Costumes are very nice
Act 1
Courtney-Sell it! Pat the chair-
***Sam/Maddy-specially folded newspaper-please work on this for Saturday’s run!!!
Mattie-stay focused-stay on stage-make sure to run off of the stage at the end.
Maddy-other side of Sam
Ethan/Bella-make a bit more fun of one another
“When you grow up”-very good
Make sure Record player is plugged!
Sam-don’t look at daughter-stay forward
Sam-Don’t look at Ethan
Sam-“concentrate on that hymn” front
Sam-more front when you talk about Ms. Kelly-Don’t turn head away from audience
Ethan-smile at your Mom when you Dad is talking about your mother
My mother!-it is not so sad!!!
Sam-walk out with your son-with your arm on his shoulder
Caitlin-really nice reading of the paper
Caitlin-ring the bell with more indignation
Maddy-more front
Maddy-“yes Mrs.” Wait a moment-you just got yelled at-then clear the  table
Mia-good smirk
Mia- a bit more front/really good being sassy/obnoxious
Aniya-you look great-you don’t have to be too quiet
Emily-Carolyn-more panicked-Caroline? They need to be said differently-(riding lessons-front) Pause-then move
Charlie-good peeking through the kitchen door
Charlie-really nice “Michael” tonight
Aniya-really nice
Ethan-nice-good note taking-good choice of sitting-really works well with the other scene
Actors-stay in the set
Michael-very nice pitching in
Aniya-when you leave can you fix the flowers on the side table SL
Ethan-remember to stay in on place-looking at audience-just look a bit confused-
If Roberta brings out the wrong glass-that is ok
Two maids-with Avery/Annie and Roberta-Party Scene
Laura-good kid sadness when you leave
Laura-nice change of cups (pink vs. blue)
James-great high voice
Avery-very nice smile when talking to the children
Kids-not too strong when the dialogue is going on (ice cream chant is fine)
Mattie-good “mother”
Evan-take the mask off your face-try it for a moment-but then decide you want it on a different way
 Kids-maybe sing happy birthday in a little bit higher register?
Winkie-more front-maybe play with your hair during the party
James-“stop doing what”-higher voice
Kids- not too much –“oooh” you are in trouble-I don’t think you are really noticing what is going on-kids are more interested in the party
Mattie-perhaps skip to your seat-you are happy
Mattie you leave first-then Michael and Avery take a moment to look at each other and then exit
Annie/Roberta-Clear off Table
Steven-nice watch looking-don’t turn your head
Ethan-nice “I don’t want anything…”
Watch dishes noise when exiting stage
Steven/Ethan really good connection tonight
Steven/Ethan-just cheat a bit more-not so much profile
Sean-a little louder
Sean-nice job being a carpenter
Sean-you can climb back under the table –with your back to the audience
that is ok-more natural
Maggie-more front-we are losing your face
Maggie-wait for Sean and leave together
Charlie/Maria-walk slower-give her a moment to look at the room
Sean-water pitcher-pour some water in the glasses
Remember turkey comments need to represent the time period
Maria-very nice “isn’t that nice” to Sean- take a moment-voice a little higher
Maria-very nice “remembering”
Sean-don’t block Steven when singing
Very nice scene tonight-brought tears to my eyes when you sang-beautiful moment-I was very moved
Ladies-walk Maria slower
Maggie “I know it”-heartfelt
MUSIC-Representing the times of the play-Charlie-could you make a play list that we can use before the play and during intermission?

Don’t forget-Lights on Trees

Act II
Avery-Great costume
CREW-if someone is talking then please tell me
Ethan-jacket over the arm of chair
Tea/sugar/creamer-needs to be filled. Teaspoons-Mia you need to get them
Mia-don’t move too much
Ethan-get up slower when don walks in
Aniya-thank you for watching and supporting actors
Sam-more front
Sam-great stance-look at mother a bit more
Michael-please wait a moment while the blue tea set is starting to be cleared away
Maria-more front-Especially at the tale end of the scene-WE need to review this before run on Saturday
Emily-volume-Charlie a bit louder too
Emily/Charlie-nice work
Actors: bring something quiet to do during run!
Emily-more front when you say “it’s a woman”
Charlie-your glasses need to be filled-watch how you carry them (end of scene)
Maria-come in -don’t wait too long
I like seeing the maids working during the scene
Caitlin you could be the “head” of the servants
Kids-relationships???  What are they?
Kids rarely sit at a table getting along perfectly-you need some type of inside annoyances/or jokes that go on at the table
Isabelle-do you want to do your homework?  Are you concerned about your father?
Charlie wait to move-let Steven motion to the chair “I’ll sit here” then get the chair for him.
Steven-slow down a bit-you are older-
Steven-need a pen-a nice one
Steven-placement of cane-give it to your son????
Lights need to change ever so slightly-

Folks, You have an excellent show!  Sell tickets!!!!
Here we go!!!!


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