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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Saturday February 6th Update

Hello Everyone,

This Saturday J will be working with specific scenes for 25 minutes (give or take) at a time.  
Only attend the time (s) designated for your scenes.  No one else will be permitted in the auditorium.  There was just too much noise and distraction at our last rehearsal.

If you are not on time-you will have forfeited your time to work.

Bring lunch if you need to.  

Saturday February 6th
11:30-12:00  Nick/Grandfather/Dora 
12:00-12:30  Paul/Margery
12:30-1:00    Standish and Family
1:00-1:30      Old Lady and Family
1:30-2:00     Helen/Sara, Ellie/Howard
2:00-2:30     The Birthday Party Scene
2:30-3:00     Sally/Arthur, Ellie/Howard
3:00-3:30     Aunt Harriet/Tony

Sunday February 7th 
As stated in schedule

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