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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 17th Notes

The Dining Room
February 17, 2016
All maids need to be ready to help scene changes throughout the play.

Act 1

Mattie-too side/cheat a bit more
Maddie-set the places away from scene
Sean-“I might”
Sean/Mattie-nice scene-good energy

Maddie-Volume-pick a pose and stay with it.
Ethan-nice “little kid” movements
Bella-good energy
Children-perhaps “slouch” a bit-so father can say “sit up straight”.
Annie-more volume in each scene
Ethan- a little more proud when you say “Ms. Kelly”
Caitlin-good “cheating” towards the audience.  Maybe a little more volume.
Ethan, leave the room first.
**Remember to bring in Newspapers/small props that you can get on our own.

Alicia-very nice contained anger-even more?
Caitlin-more volume-especially when you talk about the eggs.  Thank you for staying in one place when you say your last lines.

Emily-maybe move on the chair at the end of the table-before Mia enters.
Mia-great “smirk”
Emily-volume-be a little more assertive in your tone
“Fine then…go” be more like a controlling parent.
Mia-very nice teen-angst
Emily-be front when you say-and look what happened to St. Joan
Emily-really nice work!!!!

Aniya-find a little more humor in what Michael says in the beginning-“upchuck”.
Maybe do some polishing on the table-so we can see your reactions.
Charlie-nice “little kid” energy.  Feel more desperation when you ask “why are you leaving?”

Ethan-we need “things” for you to do-perhaps move closer to Adam?
Ethan-you need to be taking notes as well.  Maybe try “out” a chair?  See if it feels comfortable being in the living room?
Aniya-push the chairs back in before you leave.
Ethan-just listen to what Adam says-don’t mimic with your hands-this information is all new to you-so you wouldn’t know how to draw an image in the air?
Adam-nice job being outside.
Ethan-no need to move your hands-perhaps take notes while Adam is talking?  I do like that you are trying new things-that is what good actors do.
Adam-nice Architect characterizations this evening!!!
Adam-when talking about your father-maybe try not sitting so comfortably in the choir.
Ethan-you could be taking notes as Adam is telling his story.

Avery-wait to see that Yusra has no chair-then get the chair.
James-love what your reaction is after you hear there is no “cake”
Avery-perhaps make your comments about coming in to the room-closer to the door.

Mike-we need to hear that you came through a door-use stage door?
Laura, James, Henry, Evan, Mattie-good job-try making noise before you enter as J suggested.
Avery-“Judy knows everything” more sarcasm.  They want ice cream-that’s a funny line.
Mattie-“mom” so funny
Mike-more front while you are standing stage right
Avery-“start singing” check out the kids-make sure they are focused-then talk to Mike.
Mike/Avery-perhaps a little more urgency when you crass the stage-so you are in a mini-conspiracy. Volume
Mike-you need to hold Avery’s hand in return.
Mike-go for the kiss-don’t wait to be interrupted.
Kids-please clear the table as you leave-take all party goods.  Avery clean space too.

Ethan-make sure you use the correct entrance-not the stage curtains.
Ali-good energy
Steven-maybe a little more front-cheat a bit more.
Ethan/Steven-very nice scene!
Steven-don’t drop the end of your lines
Ethan-very nice end of scene.  Nice sulking.
Sean-good choices-maybe sit taller-when you are checking out the chair.
Ali-last line-louder.

Sean-bring in the tool belt by Saturday
Maggie-good laugh-can to be a bit more and higher in pitch?  A nervous laugh.
Sean-good re-clued-renewed.
Maggie/Sean-a little louder when under the table
Sean-when you make a mistake-no vocables (hums, ohs)-go to the next line
Maggie-a little more front towards the end of the scene.
Sean/Maggie-nice work!
Alicia help re-set the table
Ya’ll forgot to enter singing!!!!

Sean/Maggie come out with items-perhaps Alicia continue bringing in items.
Steven/Sean-nice response to the turkey
Alicia-do not block Maggie-lean back in chair
**Lines-focus for Saturday
Charlie-bring your guys more in a circle in circle
Sean-step back-don’t block Steven
Steven-put arm on Sean’s shoulder while singing second verse.
Maggie-“I’m with you”-maybe a bit more serious.

Act 2
*re-set chairs between acts
Avery-nice “teen” characterizations
Alicia-don’t drop your lines-don’t rush them too much
Alicia/Avery-very nice moment of silence while you both took a drink.
Alicia-watch your back as you say your last lines

Mia- a little more intimacy-“when can I see you again”-More panic with “lord, help us”
Sam-“wanted to surprise you’”-perhaps a bit more of a dig towards your mother.
Sam-watch back-cheat more
Sam-you need to be a bit more upset-use movement to show that energy

Mike-please get the camera gear you need by Saturday.
*Annie/Dora/Aggie-should help set the table-between scenes.
Mike-when you make a mistake-don’t say anything-even during a rehearsal.
Maria-you can be even more stern and upset towards to the end of the scene.
Maria-“Anthropological Balls”-maybe go towards Michael with the butter knife?

LINES-get used to figuring our HOW to get out of a problem-lines dropped/wrong props-that is live theater.
Emily-more volume
Emily-use emotions as you say your words-you know your dad will be disappointed with you.  When you ask him to stay-be tentative.
Charlie-watch downstage hand-don’t block your face.
Emily-Volume-your character is freaking out-she has no place to live.

Adam-good energy
Kids-perhaps react a bit more to the news that you are hearing-be inquisitive.
Henry-volume/say your lines to the audience
Maria-stay connected to Adam.
Bella-“Daddy” more upset
Henry-more gallant-“can I go”?
Adam-even more serious about “I may be seriously hurt”-that makes it more comical.
Bertha-react to Adam.  Keep eyes focused.
Maria-even more concern throughout the scene.
Maria-say “Ivanhoe” full front. Maybe a little more panic during the scene.

Steven-more volume.  As you walk-maybe take a look at the window (which is the fourth wall)
*Chairs should be a bit angled towards one another.*
We need an obituary-
Steven-“doesn’t obligate” that’s a joke-there are hidden jokes throughout this scene. “brief” good-you got that pun-this is a great scene-serious and charming all in one. “Good.  I’ll write you in”-another pun.
Good job getting out of a line drop.
Charlie-“yes Pop” perhaps touch his arm-not the chair.
Very nice end of scene-very touching.
Charlie-great re-setting of set.
All Maids-need to re-set table before the end of the scene.

Avery-really very nice work here!
Madison/Avery-get out from behind the table-why so far away?
Bring the scene closer together.

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