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Monday, November 7, 2016


Notes…in no particular order:

    Wolf-Move when you are eating LR.  Move the blankets around-be more physical.
    Wolf-Red material in your mouth by tomorrow night.
     Narrators-please review cues
 Baker-place LR’s cape back on calmer and the right way.  Take the time to do that.
 RP-please work with Miss Ann-in the scene when you are blind
W-you need to be even uglier.
C-in Opening Prologue Act I-great tableaux
 #11-needs work
 SM-we need to work on the scenes where you cut the feet of your daughters.  Needs to be bigger.  Lift the legs up-exaggerate the entire event.
Wolf-if you really need to leave your scene early-slip under the covers-slowly…or..Baker/Granny sit differently on the bed-to hide you a bit.
“It Takes Two”-cheat a bit more-both actors.  This is a wonderful scene.
LR-watch pitch in song
Wolf-watch pitch in song
Wolf-needs boots/different shoes.
Wolf/Steward-you need knee highs-please see Heather
There MUST be scripts on each side of the stage-in the Punnel as well.
Song #14-run
2 Midnights-Needs help
LR-review lines
Giants?  Really? 

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