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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Reflection. . . .

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” -- 
John F. Kennedy

Dear Into the Woods Family,

I miss you!

It is a strange feeling not being with you all....focusing on something that we all care about so intensely.

I still marvel at the tenacity and courage you had to embrace all that is Sondheim and his "woods".

Do you remember how difficult Boot Camp was?  

How long one of our "Midnights" took to learn? How about how hard the ensemble worked to get the movement and syncopation together for our Ever After?  How about that guy/gal  learning a role in about two weeks time?

Or how we were constantly working on rhythms, meter complexities, key changes?  Not to mention lines, choreography, set moving, painting, costumes, fund-rasing, programs, ads, sound...tickets, cupcakes?

When we first began our journey, I was apprehensive about taking on a Sondheim musical.  I hope you all realize how advanced his music is and how spectacular you all were.

I now know that the theater students here at JM/HS can accomplish anything they set their minds (and hearts) to.

Bravo to you all! 

You are a very special group of young people.

Take a moment and be thankful for our journey that we shared together.

Our experience was magical and does not happen at too many other middle/high schools.  The bond that you created will last forever....you will always be part of this unique and gifted group of individuals who dared to go into the woods together...and to understand the beauty of theater, and what a community can accomplish as "one".

Happy Thanksgiving!



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