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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ITW Notes

Notes…..In no particular order

1.   Act II Finale-Part 1… please have folks exit in different directions.  This needs to be figured out before the run tonight.
2.   Ben R.  Nice stance for CF.  Stay focused and in character the entire show.
3.   W-see me about “nectarines”.
4.   Blue-Line
5.   The “cow” SR-can be seen when it is in the wings.
          Move it farther off stage.
6.   Remember to open the curtain in the beginning-all the way-ok?
7.   All crew-when moving props/sets remember to walk in a character’s pace-don’t rush-you are part of the show.
8.   We need Flour!  (can someone bring some tonight?)
9.   JM-when you run on stage and scream about what has happened to J…please ebb and flow with your voice-it can’t stay all at one pitch level.  You will be understood better-and the emotion will be seen even more clearly (pg. 138-139)
10.                 Yellow Chairs have a tag sticking out.
11.                 Baker’s wooden bowel also has a sticker that needs to be removed.
12.                 J/LR remember you are two “young” teens bickering.  Almost like siblings.  Keep trying to top one another.
13.                 LR-please pull back your scream-to piercing in sound.
14.                 B-In No one is Alone- “No one is alone-not “no one ACTS alone”.
15.                 M. 42 in No One is Alone-please correct that. B/C
16.                 MOVE ALL DIALOGUE.  Scenes are too slow.
17.                 MM-please work on ending notes.
18.                 #64-C, LR, B, J-too slow


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