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Thursday, November 10, 2016


INTO THE WOODS (No particular order)

1.  Narrators do not wait for action to start-keep things moving.
2.  Everyone-please keep hair out of your eyes. Ensemble especially.
3.  Avery-Beans!
4.  Avery-Nectarines!
5.  #63-B-please review words…Jest/Quest
6.  Birds sounds-we missed you-#64
7.  Sound-When the Narrators are killed-that sound needs to be stronger.
8.  B-Hold baby gently-take the time to pass it with care.
9.  B-remind me to tell you about a vamp-#48
10.                CP-Great job!  Can you be more front-than side? 
11.                Shoes-C?
12.                Giant Scene-show fear-shake a bit more…keep that going throughout the scene.
13.                JM-AWESOME!
14.                MM-AWESOME!
15.                Cast-light comes on when they see you-Lights-watch-try not to be too early.
16.                LR-stop eating so much-the food should not interfere with your dialogue.
17.                Work on mic change for CM-HELP!
18.                W-don’t block mic-move quickly in to your place on the bed-faster.
19.                B-take time with LR cape-give it back with care.
20.                B-love how you cover the W.
21.                Actors-feel the light and be in it.
22.                MM-love how you change your lines-inflection is great.
23.                CM-we see your slip
24.                MM-if the hood comes off-don’t fix it-hide your face with your hands-or turn away front he W more.
25.                CM, F/L-when exiting-leave one by one.  Don’t touch curtain.  F/L make it a competition-who leaves first?
26.                J and LR-Great job at bickering.
27.                Socks for Steward.
28.                LR-when exiting-use path.

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