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Monday, November 14, 2016

INTO THE WOODS! More love. . . .

To the Cast and Crew of Into the Woods- 

It has taken me a couple of days to process what you have done. You have taken one of the hardest musicals and created something beautiful, making it look flawless. It is so clear that you have been working on this show for such a long time and it really payed off, I promise you. 

Each scene in the show was something special and incredible. Even after seeing the show multiple times, I still found myself laughing, and obviously crying, during multiple scenes. The acting in this show was spectacular. It was hard to believe that this was only a high school production, you were all truly unbelievable. 

You all did an amazing job!! The Cappies critics that came to see the show seemed to really like it too. I read some of the reviews on the blog and it seemed like they were very happy with what they saw. 

Congratulations!! You guys clearly blew people away with the show. 

I’m sure to most of you it’s strange why I do cry at the end of shows. It’s strange to me too, believe me. But you are all so amazing and welcoming to me, so thank you. Each and every one of you have made me feel like a part of this community in some way or another. I’m so lucky to be able to come to Jenkintown and see all of you, and have this escape from reality for a couple hours and get to know all of you better. 

I am proud to call all of you my friends. 

Congratulations (again), 
I hope to see you all soon!! 


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